Fashion Items of all Kind
Each customer has unique needs and our professional Merchandise Team help you to create your Design started from fabric & material sourcing till sending you the ready garment. We assist and help our customer’s with sourcing the best qualities for best price while negotiate with our multiple partner mill and producer out of our database in Turkey , which BEYTEK built over the years and we developed our partnership on trust.
Our skills based in Fashion are woven items, circular knitting’s and flat knitting’s for Woman & Mens Outwear and Home Textile items.
Sample Fitting, Pattern checking, color controls are checked first by us to easy you the workload with confidence and we create a risk assessment before starting with sampling and production.
According our clients request we update you day by day & weekly about sampling and production stages.
AQL standards are strictly followed during inline and final Inspections by our experienced garment technicians and all results are reported to our clients totally transparent.
In behalf of you we follow up, the collection and production stage and during this we interact with you close together .
BEYTEK work with you as a team cooperatively to achieve the best final garment result.
Work Wear
Work Wear to wear
Work Wear Styles and all details can customize according to customers request. 
Our Factories produce all kind of working wear according international standards.
The mission of BEYTEK is to make sure that everything we source is produced ethically and according the laws and we offer you the right work clothes in different materials and colors. 
We help you to create the best matching working wear such as jackets, trousers, overalls, aprons,work coats, cook clothes , Head protections and bump Caps with your personalizitation
and brand like company name or employee name on it.
We assist you to choose the best matching working wear in accordance with fit to the body of the stuff and the features should be suitable to the seasonal conditions.
Most important for us is to increase mobility and positively affect of the performance in work environment and BEYTEK help you to implement all these for your needs.